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Welcome to the Stoccata School of Defence, Sydney

Founded in 1998, the Sydney branch of the Stoccata School of Defence is a modern school of Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA), Western Martial Arts (WMA) or Historical European Swordsmanship (HES), that seeks to teach systems, principles and techniques drawn from texts on the subject of fencing written between the thirteenth and nineteenth centuries.

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These systems designed explicitly for dealing with life-and-death situations, and what we teach is not re-enactment, sport-fencing, or theatrical stage-fighting (although many students do engage in these activities as well). The techniques are taught in reference to how they were used in real combat, and our emphasis is on safety, control, competence, and skill.

We offer regular courses of instruction in a variety of different weapons and historical styles. See “Weapons and Systems” for details.



News & Events

Baulkham Hills Dates for 2015

Thursday nights in BAULKHAM HILLS

Classes are on Thursday nights at 8.30 pm beginning 5 March 2015.

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Faulconbridge Dates for 2015
Our classes in Faulconbridge concentrate on the English Shortsword system, and are led by Provost Peter Radvan.
Classes are on Tuesday nights at 7.30 pm beginning 3 February 2015.
Term 1: 3 February - 31 March
Term 2: 21 April - June 23
Term 3: 14 July - 15 September
Term 4: 6 October - 8 December
Drummoyne Dates for 2015

Wednesday night at DRUMMOYNE

Classes are on Wednesday nights at 7.30 pm beginning 28 January 2015.

Canada Bay Civic Hall, 1a Marlborough Street, Drummoyne
(There's parking across the road in the shopping centre car park)

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Sydenham Dates for 2015

Saturday afternoons at SYDENHAM

TERM 1- Sat Jan 31 - March 28
TERM 2 - April 18 - June 20
TERM 3 - July 11 - Sept 12
TERM 4 - Oct 3 - Dec 12

Term 1 & 2 will be Scottish Smallsword 3-4pm, English Longsword 4-5pm

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Epping Dates For 2015

Monday Nights at EPPING

TERM 1 - Feb 2 - March 30
TERM 2 - April 20 - June 22
TERM 3 - July 13 - Sept 14
(No class Monday 20 July due to theatre rehearsal)
TERM 4 - Oct 5 - Dec 14
(No class Monday 2 November due to theatre reharsal)

7-8pm Beginner Class: Highland Broadsword. This is our "core" weapon, which all newbies need to complete a couple of times, though this course is not in any way "dumbed down" and students of all experience are invited to attend.

8-9pm Intermediate Class: Scottish Smallsword. Some "beginners" will be invited to stay for this if they want to, depending on experience

9-10pm Advanced Class: Spadone, open to experienced students by invitation only. During this class, coached bouting for less experienced students will be held in the small hall.

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Kids Class Dates for 2015

Monday nights at EPPING

TERM 1: Feb 2 - March 30

TERM 2: April 20 - June 22

TERM 3: July 13 - Sept 14 (No class Monday 20 July due to theatre rehearsal)

TERM 4: Oct 5 - Dec 14 (No class Monday 2 November due to theatre rehearsal)

Everything is provided, and Dads, Mums - or even unaccompanied Adults who also wish to learn Highland Broadsword - are more than welcome. Costs (at this stage) are $10 per class, but this will be reviewed depending on numbers.

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