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Expectations of a good training partner

A large part of the classes conducted at Stoccata (and most fencing clubs for that matter) rely on learning through partner drills. The following are the list of attributes I expect to find in an excellent drilling partner:

  • Understands they are a partner not an opponent
  • Performs each action correctly
  • Gives the right cues
  • Sticks to the drill
  • Looks for mistakes to help their partner
  • Drills at the right tempo for their partner
  • Communicates with their partner
  • Doesn’t try to beat the drill
  • Drills with control

Having a good partner in a can make or break your ability to learn, and conversely being a good drilling partner can help the both of you in the drill learn much faster. Let’s have a look at why these attributes are important, and why need to instil them as a habit in our drilling practices.

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The Scottish Sheering Sword

As any fan of Scottish weaponry will know, around the end of the 17th century there existed a weapon they called the “Spadroon” or “Sheering Sword.” Donald McBane praised it as

“an extraordi­nary Weapon that none can Compare with it”

and Ar­chibald Macgregor called it

“the master of all swords.”

But what exactly was this marvellous weapon?

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