8th – 10th June, 2019 (Saturday to Monday)
(Site opens at 5pm on Friday 7th June)

The Site

The Baden-Powell Scout Centre is situated on 32 hectares of bush land adjoining the Lane Cove National Park just off Pennant Hills Road in Pennant Hills. It is unique, offering flexible training facilities, cabin style accommodation in a bush-land setting all only 25 kms from the CBD of Sydney.

Once you arrive at the Centre you’ll feel a million miles from the hustle and bustle of city life, yet you are only relatively short distances from the major facilities at Homebush Bay, the airport terminal at Mascot, the Sydney CBD and the Blue Mountains – most of which is accessible via motorways or freeways, significantly reducing travel time.

Public Transport access is a ten minute walk to either Thornleigh or Pennant Hills Rail Stations. Off street parking is provided for both cars and buses.


Before 15 May

Participants: $350 for full event; $125 per single day.
Instructors: $300 for full event; $100 per single day.

After 15 May

Participants: $400 for full event; $150 per single day.
Instructors: $300 for full event; $100 per single day.

How To Book


Please complete the online booking form. Each participant attending will need to complete the booking form.


Please complete the instructor registration form. Each instructor just needs to complete this form.

Do You Want To Teach?

With a multi-stream list of classes on offer, we’re always on the lookout for more classes.

We have class slots for 90 minute or 2 hour classes. Please complete the instructor registration form if you wish to offer a class. Instructors just need to complete this form as it will also record all the details for class information, instructor bio, accommodation and food requirements.

Please note that we can’t reimburse instructors up front for costs. AWMAC 2019 will operate on a profit sharing basis, where by we will reimburse the costs borne by presenters up to the total cost of their entry and travel costs. This reimbursement will be made from any profit made from the event, and will be paid after the event. As a guide, we were able to reimburse the majority of the costs for all our presenters at AWMAC 2018 and we expect a similar result this year.


Your event fees include accommodation on-site at the event. The centre has accommodation for 120 people in a variety of different size bunk rooms. The accommodation is carpeted and / or floorboards with most rooms having bathrooms accessed internally. All linen is supplied for the dorm rooms.

Being on the Great North Walk the centre has a number of camping flats available for those that wish to bring their own tent and camp out. These camping areas have picnic tables and chairs as well as fire places and can accommodate 50 people. Please note this is Sydney’s Winter period, and temperatures can hit 0°C, as well as being damp or raining, so if you decide to camp you will need to be prepared for the conditions.

Getting to Site

By Car

The address is Baden-Powell Scout Centre, Pomona St, Pennant Hills, New South Wales, Australia 2120.

Pomona St is off Pennant Hills Rd, and there is a right turn lane if you are heading north on Pennant Hills Rd to get to the site.

By Public Transport

Catch the train to Thornleigh Station, which is on the T1 North Shore, Northern & Western Line. You can either walk to site, or get a lift from the station.

We’re looking to arrange a volunteer shuttle service from Thornleigh Station, since it’s ~15 mins walk with gear from the station to the site, and Pennant Hills Rd is very busy and can only be crossed at pedestrian lights, or using the bridge near the station. Contact stoccata.inc@gmail.com if you wish to make use of the shuttle service.

You can work out timetable information using the trip planner at transportnsw.info.

From the Airport

The easiest way to get to site from the Airport is via the train. Follow the signs at the airport to the Station. It will cost ~$21 to get out to Thornleigh Station, but it’s far more reliable than the hell on earth called Sydney Airport Traffic.

  1. Catch the T8 Airport & South Line towards City Circle via Museum, which leaves from Platform 1.
  2. Change trains at Central Station, which is 4 stops from International Airport Station, and 3 stops from Domestic Airport Station.
  3. You want to then catch the T1 North Shore, Northern & Western Line towards Hornsby, check the signs for the correct platform. It’s about 14-17 stops to Thornleigh Station, depending on the time of day. (Later trains are all stops, some earlier trains are express through the North Shore.)
  4. Walk or use the volunteer shuttle service to get to site from the station. (see above)

What’s On and When

The draft timetable is now available online. This is a work in progress, and we’ll let people know when it is finalised.

Information about the AWMAC 2019 Instructors can also be found online, and we’ll update this as more information becomes available.

Detailed class information for AWMAC 2019 is available as well, and will be updated as more information comes to hand.

Details about the AWMAC Grand Assault at Arms have now been published. Check them out on the AWMAC Grand Assault at Arms Page

Private Lessons & Free Bouting

There is plenty of space on site for private lessons or free bouting through out the day.

We also have dedicated slots in the evening program for private lessons & bouting. This is probably the best time to line up an instructor when they aren’t teaching.

With respect to bouting, our minimum acceptable standard for free bouting is a fencing mask, fencing jacket, and gloves, all in good working condition. All swords should possess a safety tip of some sort to make them safe in the thrust. Other equipment, blow calibration etc is to be discussed beforehand and agreed between individuals before commencing.

Equipment requirements for classes and lessons will be determined by the individual instructors.


The main formal tournament to be run at AWMAC 2019 will be on Monday. Details will be published as they become available.

More Information