Graeme Anderson


Graeme Anderson began formal lessons in Foil and Epee in 1975 and has been a member of various fencing clubs since then including the Hobart branch of the Stoccata School of Defence from 2004. His primary interest is in the solos training exercises for the “Baton a Deux Bouts “ a French style in the Southern European half-staff traditions in particular the French/Savoyard/Milanese tradition For the last 12 years he has been working on a private research project on this subject with the help of training partners and the kind advice of experts in the topic, and as part of a research group interested in Cerri’s Bastone and has also taught small group classes. As a result of this he is the author of Mediterranean Walking Staff Fencing – A training manual for “ambidextrous” hand and grip swapping styles October 2015) and Self defence with the French Quarterstaff:Solo exercises for the Bâton à deux bouts (2017). Self Defence With The Double Ended Staff In France and Italy currently hosted as guest articles by the Meyer Freifechters and Solo exercises for the Bâton à deux bouts and Bastone (2019)

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Matthew Boyd

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Matthew Boyd is the head instructor at Stoccata Launceston, Matthew has been studying and teaching martial arts (Chonjo 4th Dan, Hapkido 2nd Dan), gymnastics and a variety of sports for over 25 years. His tertiary study of Biomedical Sciences and Physical Education have strengthened his understanding of historical Western Martial Art principles.

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Richard Cullinan


Richard Cullinan first formally studied fencing in 1997 under Peter Linich, Maestro di Scherma. Building on this classical foundation, he branched out into historical fencing systems, and is now the leading researcher and exponent of Renaissance Italian fencing systems within Australia, and recognised internationally for his research in Bolognese swordsmanship. Richard is a Provost with the Stoccata School of Defence, and the Chief Instructor of the Drummoyne branch. He has also qualified as an Instructor at Arms in Classical Italian School fencing through the Fencing Masters Certificate program at Sonoma State University, California USA. You can find his research at

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Stephen Hand


Stephen Hand started fencing in 1979 and in the mid 80s started exploring historical swordsmanship. In 1998 he and two colleagues founded the Stoccata School of Defence. Stephen taught at the first ever international HEMA event in the USA in 2000 and was the first Australian to win an international tournament, winning the WMAW rapier tournament against competitors from six different countries in 2001. Stephen has taught across North America and Europe and has published over twenty books and articles on HEMA.

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Mark Holgate


Mark is the Head Instructor at Adelaide Sword Academy in South Australia. His major interests are in 16th and early 17th century longsword and sidesword, especially Joachim Meyer’s works. He is a successful tournament fencer across multiple weapon forms, and has instructed throughout Australia and the US. Mark’s passion is for the embodiment and mastery of the Art at a grass roots level – master to student, and peer to peer.

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Stuart McDermid


Stuart McDermid is President of the Stoccata School of Defence and has been involved in Historical Fencing since 2002. Stu has a keen interest in principles based instruction and in getting to the core of systems to develop students with strong fundamentals. Stu has a (now lapsed) teaching qualification in Floro Fighting Systems under a direct Student of Tatang Ilustrisimo and has broad experience in a number of other martial arts. Stu’s passion is to take on students who don’t normally participate in sport of any kind and to help them enjoy human movement and the fun that comes with fencing.

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Peter Radvan


Peter Radvan has been involved in both historical re-enactment and HEMA for over 30 years. He is one of the founders of Stoccata School of Defence and has been involved in teaching HEMA since the mid 1990s. His interest in spear and shield stems from his re-enactment background.

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Paul Wagner


Paul Wagner is a founding member of the Stoccata School of Defence in Sydney, Australia. Paul teaches courses in Highland Broadsword according to Thomas Page, Single Sword, Buckler and Dagger according to George Silver, Rapier according to Joseph Swetnam, English Quarterstaff and English Longsword. He is a regular instructor at international conferences, including ISS, WMAW, VISS, the NZ Sword Symposium, PNW HEMA Gathering, Swordsquatch, and the BFHS Gathering.

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Gindi Wauchope


Gindi Wauchope has been teaching medieval and renaissance combat using a variety of weapons since 2010. He started teaching with the Society for Creative Anachronism, then Melbourne Swordplay Guild, and now runs his own school teaching regular classes on Fiore, Italian Rapier, and Bolognese fencing at The School of Historical Fencing.

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