Longford_Logo_482Our classes in Longford specialise in the early 18th Century British fencing systems described by Zach Wylde and are led by Matthew Boyd. Systems being taught are smallsword, broadsword, staff and wrestling. All the material being taught is based upon the English Master of Defence, OR, The Gentleman’s Al-a-mode Accomplish By Zach Wylde, 1711.

Systems We Teach

  • Broadsword.

Hanging Guard Broadsword

  • Smallsword


  • Staff

swetnam staff

  • Wrestling



Riverlands Centre
159 Wellington Street, Longford



Thurdays 6.30 – 8.30 pm

Note: Classes are currently suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


An annual fee of $25 to cover insurance needs to be paid to Stoccata Central directly (If you attend multiple branches, you need only pay the membership fee once).

$30/month* Student & Unemployed

$50/month* Adult

$15/class for casual lessons

*- /month is four consecutive weeks (unless interrupted by public holidays)


Matthew Boyd
mob: 0409525091

or you can use the contact form below.


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