Time and Place

Classes are on Thursdays between 18:30 and 20:45 at The Rocks, Sydney.
Abraham Mott Hall
5A Argyle Street
Millers Point NSW 2000

What we do

This year we will be concentrating on the full gamut of Highland weapons.

What You Need To Bring

In a post-Covid world, we can no longer rely on shared equipment. Students will thus need to supply more of their own equipment.

If this is your first class, the only thing to bring is a pair of gloves (simple leather “riggers gloves” are fine). We can supply you with a practice weapon so you can participate.

All regular students will need to bring gloves, and as soon as possible, their own practice weapon, which will be explained at the class.


Term 1:

Thursday Feb 2 – April 6
Class 1: English Backsword according to Silver
Class 2: English Rapier according to Swetnam

Term 2:

Thursday April 27 – June 29
Class 1: English Sword and Buckler
Class 2: English Rapier and Dagger

Term 3:

Thursday July 20 – Sept 21
Class 1: English Sword and Dagger
Class 2: English Longsword

Term 4:

Thursday Oct 12 – Dec 7
Class 1: Irish Shillelagh
Class 2: English Longsword

Schedule Of Fees

One Class (casual): $20
Both Classes (casual): $30
Full Term (one class): $180
Concession: $80
Full Term (two weapons): $240
Concession: $120

Get in touch with us

Paul Wagner: Ph 0400 262001
Email: info@stoccata.org

Or contact us using the form below