The Sydney School of Arms is the city branch of Stoccata, named after the School of Arms run by Professor Parker in the same area in the mid 19th century. We offer two different weapons at a time, both concentrating on the British fencing systems and are led by Provost Paul Wagner.

Time is available in both classes for freeplay and individual revision. All equipment is provided for newcomers, and first class is free.

Time and Place

Classes are on Thursdays between 18:30 and 20:45 at The Rocks, Sydney:
Abraham Mott Hall
15A Argyle Street
Millers Point NSW 2000

What we do

This year we will be concentrating on using both hands, exploring a variety of “companion weapons”, including bucklers, daggers and shields. All classes are subject to changes if we have a better idea!


Term 1

Thursday Jan 30 – Saturday April 2
Class 1: English Backsword and Buckler
Class 2: English Longsword

Term 2

Thursday April 30 – July 2
Class 1: English Backsword and Buckler
Class 2: English Longsword
Special Classes:
May 21: Empire Day Grand Assault
Continuing the grand Victorian custom, we will be hosting an afternoon of martial prowess using all the grand 19th century weapons.

Term 3

Thursday July 23 – Sept 24
Class 1: English Backsword and Alehouse Dagger
Class 2: Highland Broadsword and Targe

Term 4

Thursday Oct 15 –Dec 10
Class 1: Medieval Sword and Buckler according to I.33
Class 2: Medieval Sword and Shield.

Schedule Of Fees

One Weapon (casual): $20
Two Weapons (casual): $30
Full Term (one weapon): $170
Concession: $120
Full Term (two weapons): $250
Concession: $170

Get in touch with us

Paul Wagner: Ph 0400 262001

Or contact us using the form below