Our classes in Epping will rotate through the various systems researched and taught by Stoccata, and are primarily an introductory course for the system being taught. The classes are led by Provosts Paul Wagner, Richard Cullinan, Peter Radvan, and Stuart McDermid.

Classes are on Monday nights at 7.00 pm.

We will be having a change of Format this year:

7-8pm Broadsword
8-8.30 Freeplay
8.30-9.30 2nd weapon


Chester Street Uniting Church Hall, Chester St, Epping

2017 Dates

TERM 1: Jan 30 – April 3
7:00pm: English Backsword according to George Silver
8:30pm: Bolognese Sword and Dagger

TERM 2: April 24 – June 26
7:00pm: Highland Broadsword
8:30pm: English Sword and Buckler

TERM 3: July 17 – Sep 18
7:00pm: Highland Broadsword
8:30pm: English Longsword

TERM 4: Oct 9 – Dec 11
7:00pm: Broadsword and Targe
8:30pm: English Quarterstaff


One Weapon (casual): $20
Two Weapons (casual): $30
Full Term (one weapon): $140
Concession: $60
Full Term (two weapons): $200
Concession: $80

Contact Information:

Contact Paul Wagner for more information
PH: 0400 262 001

Or contact us using the form below