General Policy

Stoccata want to provide a safe and welcoming environment for all our students, and as such we have to consider the safety and capabilities of our under age students.

HEMA is very much a serious adult activity, and Stoccata does not run classes specifically designed for kids. Generally speaking the minimum age for attending classes at Stoccata is 16. Students younger than that may find the material too difficult, and the weapons we use too heavy to control safely.

However, the different branches have slightly different policies regarding under age students. In any event, the kids will be attending and training with adults in our regular classes. This is a contact sport and there is always a possibility of injury, same as in any other contact sport.

Baulkham Hills & Strathfield

At our Baulkham Hills and Strathfield branches, the minimum age is 16 due to the nature of the weapons and material we teach in these classes.

Drummoyne & Rhodes

At the Drummoyne branch students aged 12 and above are welcome to attend the Classical Italian Fencing class on Tuesday nights from 7.30 pm, which uses lighter modern Italian foils and sabres, so kids shouldn’t have any issues using the weapons.

The other classes offered at Drummoyne & Rhodes have a minimum age of 16, due to the nature of the weapons and material taught in those classes.

Epping, Newtown, Sydney City

At Epping, Newtown and Sydney City branches students aged 12 or above are welcome to give it a go, but must be accompanied by a responsible adult (who is welcome to join in too of course).


At our Faulconbridge branch, the minimum age for participation is 14.


At our Hobart branch, the minimum age for participation is 12, and will be limited to plastic or shinai training weapons. Steel weapons will be allowed for use by underage students on a case by case basis, and only with the approval of the supervising Provost.

Launceston & Longford

At our Launceston branch, the minimum age is 12. The classes can be too physically demanding for some children of this age, however. If so, we encourage young students to retry once their physical capabilities have developed.


At our Newcastle branch, the minimum age is 18 due to the nature of the weapons and material we teach in these classes.