Financial Membership is required of all students who train with the organisation.

The annual membership fee is $25, and allows you to train with any of the Branch Schools. Your membership fees pays for all the communal facilities used by the organisation:

  1. Insurance (3rd Party General Liability, and Group Personal Accident Insurance for events)
  2. IT systems (School website & online membership system)
  3. Costs associated with our public displays
  4. Working funds for hosting AWMAC

The memberhsip system is managed through

To register a membership account

  1. Go to the Membership registration page
  3. Select “Stoccata School of Defence Annual Membership AUD $25”
  4. Complete the data entry on the form that pulls up. Please ensure you select all the School Branches you train with.
  5. Click next to go to the payments page. Payments are done via PayPal, and can take either PayPal transfers or credit card payments.
  6. Follow the subsequent instructions to complete your registration.

To maintain your membership details

  1. Go to the Membership login page:
  2. The login is the email address you registered, and the password is the one you supplied. If you forgot your password, please use the “Forgot Password” link.
  3. You can now update your details, or make annual fee payments.
  4. You should receive a reminder when the annual renewal is due.