What are we about?

At Baulkfield, we are a fun-oriented, inclusive, and friendly bunch of people who love swords just a bit too much. Only those who are intolerant are unwelcome in our club and our student body is extremely diverse in terms of age, gender and orientation.

We cater for anyone from experienced martial artists and those who might want to compete to those who just want to turn up, swing a sword, and make some friends. To begin training with our branch, you must be 18 years old.

Which weapons do we train with?

  1. The longsword is the classical knightly two handed weapon.
  2. The rapier is a long single handed blade optimised for duelling capable of both cut and thrust.
  3. The dagger (as we practice it) is primarily a parrying weapon used in the off hand.
  4. The cloak is a flexible barrier carried in the off hand that was commonly worn and deployed as an off hand weapon.
  5. Some students choose to work with the messer or arming sword (both short 1 handed sidearms ) with or without a buckler (a small shield optimised for personal combat).

Which Historical Sources do we focus on?

We run two programs side by side at Baulkfield and students can move between them.

1. Our longsword stream is focused on a combination of 15th Century Germanic longsword related to Johannes Liechtenauer.

2. Our rapier stream is focused on a number of 17th Century works.

Our two primary weapons, the longsword and the Rapier are by far the most popular in Historical European Martial Arts worldwide. At Baulkfield you can do one or both of these every lesson of the term and every term of the year.

Baulkham Hills – Thursdays – 19:30-22:00

Baulkham Hills Community Centre
390 Windsor Rd via Seven Hills Road & Conie Ave (very close to the M2 and M4)
(If driving, make sure you come in off Conie Ave or you’ll never find us.)
Baulkham Hills Australia 2153

2022-2023 Dates are as follows:

  • 02/02/2023 – 06/04/2023 (Incl.).
  • 27/04/2023 – 29/06/2023 (Incl.).
  • 20/07/2023 – 21/09/2023 (Incl.).
  • 12/10/1023 – 21/12/2023 (Incl.).

Strathfield – Tuesdays – 19:00-22:00

Strathfield Homebush Uniting Church.
Carrington Ave Strathfield (Close to Station)

2022-2023 Dates are as follows:

  • 31/01/2023 – 04/04/2023 (Incl.).
  • 25/04/2023 – 27/06/2023 (Incl.).
  • 18/07/2023 – 19/09/2023 (Incl.).
  • 10/10/2023 – 19/12/2023

What’s on this term?

At Baulkfield, we train Longsword and Rapier every night. Want to train just one? That’s fine. Want to train a combo of both across a lesson? Go for it! It’s your lesson and the choice is yours.

Class Structure

Baulkham Hills

  1. 7:30 – 10 minute warmup including games.
  2. 7:40 – 1 hour combined lesson.
  3. 8:40- 80 minutes games and padded weapon play for those without equipment, and free-fencing for those with their own equipment.
  4. 10:00 – finish.


  1. 7:00 – 10 minute warmup including games.
  2. 7:10 – 1 hour combined lesson.
  3. 8:10 – games and padded weapon play for those without equipment, and free-fencing for those with their own equipment.
  4. 10:00 – finish.

Membership Fee

An annual fee of $25 to cover insurance needs to be paid to Stoccata Central directly
(If you attend multiple branches, you need only pay the membership fee once).
Existing Members
New Members

Training Fees

Training fees are $150 per school term per branch attended.
(Some students attend both branches as two lessons per week is much more than twice as effective as one lesson)

Staying up to date and in touch

The best way to stay up to date with everything that is happening at Stoccata Baulkham Hills is either via
Facebook or Discord

Come and join us!

You are more than welcome to just turn up and observe if you like or to participate in a free trial lesson in weeks 1-3.

Please do not hesitate to email with questions or join the Facebook Group or Discord server and do the same.

You can also contact us using the form below (Although Facebook/Discord will likely be answered more quickly).