The Epping branch of Stoccata offers two different weapons at a time, both
concentrating on the British fencing systems and are led by Provost Paul Wagner.

Time is available in both classes for freeplay and individual revision, and first class is free.

Time and Place

Classes are on Mondays between 7:30pm and 10:00pm
Chester Street Uniting Church Hall,
Chester St, Epping

What we do

Obviously our plans for the year have been scuttled due to the pandemic. After such a long break, we have decided to start from scratch.

What You Need To Bring

In a post-Covid world, we can no longer rely on shared equipment. Students will thus need to supply more of their own equipment.

If this is your first class, the only thing to bring is a pair of gloves (simple leather “riggers gloves” are fine). We can supply you with a practice weapon so for can participate.

All regular students will need to bring gloves, and their own practice weapon.

Broadsword-shinai will be available for purchase, but otherwise you can make do with a 1m stick.

For a Longsword, you will need a stick 130-140cm long.


Term 3: 

Monday July 20 – Monday September 21
Class 1: Highland Broadsword
Class 2: English Longsword

Term 4:

Monday 12 October – Monday Dec 7
Class 1: Highland Broadsword
Class 2: English Longsword

Schedule Of Fees

One Weapon (casual): $20
Two Weapons (casual): $30
Full Term (one weapon): $170
Concession: $120
Full Term (two weapons): $250
Concession: $170

Get in touch with us

Paul Wagner: Ph 0400 262001

Or contact us using the form below