System Highlight: Zack Wylde (1711)

A quick introduction of Zach Wylde's The English Master of Defence from 1711. What is remarkable about this particular fencing master's manual is his emphasis of being a well rounded fencer, wherein he covers smallsword, broadsword, quarter-staff, and wrestling.  For this reason he has become a favourite text for Provost Matthew Boyd, head instructor for … Continue reading System Highlight: Zack Wylde (1711)

English Knife Fighting – The Alehouse Dagger

It is a curiosity that British fencing sources are all but devoid of instructions on knife or dagger fighting. Continental medieval and renaissance sources generally spend a considerable time on defence from the dagger, both with a dagger and unarmed, yet no British source even mentions it, apart from a very brief and rather unsatisfactory … Continue reading English Knife Fighting – The Alehouse Dagger